Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coming Soon... "Imagination at Play"

Growing up, I loved my play kitchen and dollhouse. I remember spending hours "cooking" food, caring for my baby dolls and arranging furniture in the dollhouse my parents lovingly made for me. Today's kids are so overwhelmed by media that parents sometimes have to work a little harder to keep their little ones from growing up too fast.

Fortunately, the Etsy community is filled with talented artists and crafters selling beautiful and unique pretend play toys that help parents preserve the magic of childhood. In the coming weeks, I'm going to feature one such Etsy seller every Friday night in a writing series called "Imagination at Play".

Stayed tuned tomorrow night for the first installment, "Go Ahead, Play With Your Food!", where I highlight an amazing, talented Etsy seller who specializes in felt play food. 


  1. I just made a play kitchen for my daughter's 2nd Birthday. So not into plastic here. Her favorite phrase is, "I go work . . pay kitchn! Wan coffee?" Even big sis (7 yrs) gets in on the action. Thank you for highlighting the importance of imaginative play!
    Can't wait to check out your pretend food to outfit our new kitchen!