Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Dollhouse Full of Love

My parents made a dollhouse for me one year at Christmas when I was a little girl. I can still remember seeing it underneath the tree on Christmas morning - it was absolutely beautiful. My dad designed and crafted it out of wood, and my mom added the finishing touches with bits of leftover wallpaper, carpeting and linoleum. In the coming years, my little dollhouse filled up with tiny furniture, food and people. 

Every once in a while I'd add something new, like these miniature clay pots that my Aunt Sherry made for me one year. (If you look closely at the largest pot, you'll see tiny bubbles on the handles - what incredible detail work!) There's so much artistic talent on my dad's side of the family. Sherry always made the most beautiful pottery and stained glass items. Looking at these tiny pots brings back a lot of memories for me, and I'm touched that she took the time to make something special and unique for me to use in my dollhouse.

Whatever happened to that old dollhouse? Well, my folks still have it stored up in the rafters of their garage, where it waits to inspire the imagination of my own daughter... when she's old enough not to eat all the little pieces!


  1. I just inherited my great aunt's dollhouse that was made for her by her great uncle in 1920. My own kids had a dollhouse made for them by their dad (even though they're boys) and it was one of their favorite toys. I intend to pass both of these on to my grandkids one day...a wonderful, tangible, fun piece of family history!

  2. wow! this is amazing! we had a dollhouse that my grandparents made for us. it is now at home with my nieces!

  3. Isn't this the best kind of memory? I remember 'new' bikes under our tree when I was about 8...Dad got them from the Toy and Joy folks (charity) and fixed them up custom just for us (me and sis). Good times!

  4. Just found your blog from etsy..
    and HOW CUTE IS IT?!
    Little goobers!
    I call my nephew a little goober.
    I'm in love! :D

  5. What a treasure waiting there in those rafters . . .

  6. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted comments. I love that my post brought back such wonderful memories for you! Thanks for reading! :)