Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Look Out JoAnn Fabrics... Birthday Girl on the Loose!

If you haven't guessed by my posts already, I'm a child of the '80s... which means I've been approaching the big 3-0 for some time now. Well, today's the day I've been dreading for weeks: I'm finally 30 years old. And you know what? It's not nearly as traumatic as I'd thought it would be. Okay, so it hasn't been painful or traumatic at all. All that anxiety for nothing.

Today, I'm going to get my haircut then have a delicious lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Pronto, with my hubby and daughter. After that, we're going to hang out for a while before heading out to meet my family for dinner. 

Later, I'll start plotting my shopping spree at JoAnn Fabrics. My birthday gift card is already burning a hole in my pocket. Oh the the wonderful things I can make for my shop. Maybe some more baby care sets...  some Halloween trick-or-treat bags... or even a few Christmas "Mommy and Me" apron sets... I can't wait!


  1. We share the same birthday and I've got you beat by 4 years! 34 is really old! Happy Birthday to us!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had fun shopping. I love JoAnn's

  3. Hope your having a great birthday! I have a feeling joann's won't know what hit em. Glad to know 30's not the tramatic experinace everyone makes it out to be, I've got 5 months left until I find out myself. Have a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time on your Jo-Ann shopping spree!

  5. Enjoy your 30th Moxie! Everyone tells me that they loved their thirties! :)

    Thanks, Kari! :)

  6. Happy 30th to you! I have been enjoying my 30s, better than the 20s in my opinion.
    I have tagged you. Check my blog for details.