Monday, October 13, 2008

Squeezing In Some Diaper Time

Being the social secretary, executive chef and chief entertainer for my 15-month-old daughter doesn't leave me with a lot of time for sewing most days. The "boss" lets me spend time in my craft room during nap time or after she goes to bed at night, which doesn't seem to amount to more than a few hours in any given day.

So I use my time as wisely as possible, spending the majority of it promoting my Etsy shop, sewing new items, packaging up a sale or writing in my blog. Fortunately, I love doing all of these things – establishing myself on Etsy and running my little shop is by far the most enjoyable "job" I've ever had.

Between my daughter and my shop, I've little time left these days for any kind of personal sewing project. I recently discovered, though, that my little one has outgrown her cloth diaper covers so I've been feverishly trying to sew a new set of covers while she sleeps. I had to go with a yellow inner PUL this time as opposed to the usual white because my favorite diaper supply shop, Very Baby, was sold out of white (Very Baby also sells the fantastic pattern that I use). As it turns out, I really like having that extra splash of color on her dipes. 

So far, I've finished sewing two (I still need to add snaps) and I think they've turned out pretty cute. Just four more covers and a zillion snaps to go!

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