Friday, November 7, 2008

Mamma's Night In

It's Friday night and I'm sitting in our darkened hotel room in Anaheim, typing by the light of my laptop as my daughter slumbers peacefully in the bed next to me. My hubby has already gone back to Disneyland with our friends, who arrived today after a 15-hour drive from Oregon. 

So it's just me and my thoughts for the next few hours. Normally, I'd be writing my Friday night feature for "Imagination at Play", but I didn't choose a shop this week because I figured I'd be too busy and tired from walking around Disneyland all day to write. Little did I know that my little one would be up at 5:30 a.m. this morning and would only take a 45-minute nap, leaving her completely exhausted by 5 p.m.

My daughter is an amazing child. She's never, in her entire 16 month life, fallen asleep on my shoulder or in the stroller. It doesn't matter how tired she is - she must lay down and nurse to sleep. Today, fatigue hit her so quickly and unexpectedly that her eyes were began closing during dinner. The poor thing... her eyes were drooping and she was leaning forward, but she kept eating while we rushed to finish dinner so we could get her back to the hotel for bed.

I held her the entire walk to the hotel and she refused lay her head on my shoulder, even though she was clearly exhausted. I've never seen her more tired before. Once we got to our room, we went from diapering to nursing to sleeping in a matter of minutes.

I can hardly remember the last time that I had this much time to myself, with absolutely no chores or freelance work to do. Maybe before she was born? It doesn't matter. I have it now, it's time I enjoyed it. 


  1. Enjoy those quiet moments alone... it will give you time to be yourself, but I want you to know that those moments when you watch you daughter sleeping without a care in the world are the most precious memories that you will ever have. I know for my daughter is now 20 yet I am lucky for I still see the little girl in her

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I have given you an award over on my blog:

  3. What a sweet entry; I hope you guys have/had a great trip!