Friday, January 9, 2009

I Just Can't Help Myself

The CPSIA deadline is looming. I promised myself I wouldn't make anything new and only sell what's in my inventory. I can't afford the lead tests, so what's the point in stocking my shop with things that I may not be able to sell after February 10?

Then I remembered that I have a craft show coming up on February 7 - three days before the dreaded deadline. What would be the harm in making a few crayon wallets for the show? Perhaps I was just making excuses for my desire to make cute things for kids... but it felt so good to make something adorable again. 

I'm excited about my new shop, agentjane, but I'm really going to miss Little Peanut while it's... 

...on hold.

I refuse to believe that this law will stand forever. And when it changes, Little Peanut will be back. 

In the meantime, I'm going to Disneyworld! Mama Peanut, Daddy Peanut and Toddler Peanut are going to take a break for a week to hang out with Mickey and friends. Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Those wallets are great! I've seen the crayon rolls before but a wallet would be great to take in the car.