Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Morning Walk

This morning, I took my daughter out for a walk in her red wagon. The weather was chilly and overcast, but we took our time as we strolled along our usual route through the park and around the neighborhood, stopping to look at kitties like this one. When it was time to move along, she waved goodbye and meowed to the cat, although her version of "meow" sounds a bit more like "oooooowwww".

As we continued our mini journey, I found myself (as I often do) looking at the decorations people put up in front of their houses. Today, I was struck by the notion that many people like to decorate their homes with things that look handmade, but are actually factory-made. How sad that we seem to value the handmade look but often don't take the time to seek out the real thing.

We've walked through this neighborhood many times, but until today I'd never noticed this interesting flower arrangement in front of one of the houses along our route. I wonder what this type of gardening is called... faux gardening? Fauxdening? Are there classes you can take for this – classes like Plastic Planting 101? 

I suppose there are benefits to "planting" fake tulips out in front of your house. No watering. No fertilizing. No bugs chewing up your plants. 

But no matter how you dress them up, they always look lifeless and fake... and maybe a little sad.

The end of our walk brought a smile to my face as I spotted a few birds' nests among the branches of several trees. What could be more handmade (or birdmade, I suppose), more authentic than a bird's nest? 


  1. Oh, I so agree with you about the factory made "hand-made" look stuff. It is so upsetting! I appreciated your post - and on the next walk I take to the park with my little one, I'm going to be extra observant!

  2. I love this post, and the photos of the bird's nests. How exciting. It's funny, too, because I thought about it and my mom plants fake flowers sometimes. I think she does it when she doesn't have real flowers, saw fakes she liked, or it's a holiday and she's moving too fast. It's certainly an interesting decorating phenomenon. And faux flowers are, I'm pretty sure, a faux-paus. :-)

  3. Good post! The only time I've ever used fake flowers was at my wedding, and that's because I was too much of a control freak to let someone else design my floral arrangement (and I was worried about wilting; we got married on a very hot summer day).

  4. The Point: Enjoy your next walk with your little one! Life is so much more interesting when we take a moment to really look at what's going on around us. :)

    Suzanne: You crack me up... I had a feeling that a reader might be - or know someone who is - a fauxdener! Glad you enjoyed the birds' nest photos as much as I did... they were my whole reason for writing this post.

    Little Gray Pixel: Thanks for reading! I've heard of brides using fake flowers for their bouquets - seems much more reasonable to me than something that fades after sitting in the hot sun for six months. LOL