Thursday, February 19, 2009

Market Intelligence

There was a time when bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store meant two things:
  • The grocery clerk looked at you as though you just grew a second head when your response to the standard "Paper or plastic?" question was "No thanks, I brought my own."
  • You were forced to use ugly, mismatched tote bags your mom had been holding onto since the '80s.
Thankfully, those days (and hideous totes) are a distant memory. Most grocers now expect that many of their customers will bring their own bags. And reusable bags have undergone a style transformation, ranging from the practical canvas totes sold at your local grocery store to fun bags made out of old t-shirts. 

I was thinking about this other day when planning my next project for agent jane. Why not make a market tote that's both practical and chic? The result is this sunny – and very roomy – market tote.

Who wouldn't look smart with this bag on her shoulder? Grocery shopping (or a trip to the gym... or a day at the mall...) never looked so good!


  1. That's really cute! I'm hoping to get some fun new reusable bags soon.

  2. That's so true, now the grocer thinks I'm so ecofriendly!

  3. Super cute, I thought it was a totally cute tote bag before I read that it could be used for groceries. Even better!