Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something Hidden, Something Revealing

Sometimes when I'm browsing on Etsy I'm not really shopping. 

I like to look at what else is in the photograph and for a moment ignore the item for sale. Look at the props in the background. The surrounding landscape. 

And I tell myself that I'm catching a tiny glimpse into someone else's life. Or the life they dream about.

A window in the background, a strategically placed tea cup, a model on a rooftop can say a lot about a person.

Today, I found myself using some props from around the house for one of the photos used in my latest agent jane listing: Joe's O's. Reduced fat Cheez-Its. TLC crackers. 

What do they reveal about me? Nothing deep, I suppose. 

The Joe's O's... well that's pretty obvious, I guess. My daughter loves them. Could live off of them if I let her. The Cheez-Its... hubby loves them and goes through a couple of boxes a week. And the TLC crackers... another failed attempt to add diversity to my daughter's diet. She still loves her cheese, fruit, beans and rice.

I wonder if other people will look for clues about me in this picture. I can't imagine I'm the only one who looks in the background for something hidden, something revealing.


  1. I have never really thought of what the background might reveal...but I think from now on I will be paying attention.

    by the way, I love the name Little Peanut!

  2. I never thought much about it either! Haha. It is probably a good idea to have these items in pictures, because then the buyer can get an idea of what it would look like in their house, or on their arm, or in this case with their groceries in it!

  3. ooh, now i'm off to look at etsy pics!

  4. I really like the bag your items are in!! Don't usually look at the background - but will now.