Sunday, March 8, 2009

CPSIA - Calling All Activists!

The stay is in place but the fight isn't over.

Etsian bytheway recently had a great idea: let's all work together on a single CPSIA Assignment each week. We'll concentrate our efforts to gain maximum impact, and hopefully gain some traction in the fight to amend the CPSIA

So what's the first assignment? 

To come up with a month's worth of assignments. What are the top four things we should be working on in the next four weeks (one per week)? Who should we be contacting en masse? What's critical right now?

Send me your ideas by writing a comment on this post. Once we get enough ideas, we'll post a new assignment each week in the CPSIA section of the Etsy forums where we can update each other on our progress.


  1. I'll start:

    We should all be contacting the CPSC with our comments about the labeling requirements before the March 25 deadline.

  2. Hello. Just getting things started. Do you think that setting one goal per week is realistic, so that everyone has time to act?

    One idea I had was contacting Guideposts Magazine. They have a program where people knit and donate sweaters to children in need. The cost of compliance will put that program beyond the reach of many. Perhaps they would ask their readers to get involved.

  3. Another idea I had was to contact celebrities. Oprah is an obvious choice, but I was thinking of reaching a different audience.

    Also affected by CPSIA are toy collectors. As some of us night owls know, Seth Green has a whole TV show based on old toys that he's bought on ebay. Not only that, but his network, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, simply loves to address viewers and ask them to do things. They get tens of thousands of responses for some of their requests.

    Another prominent toy collector is Zach Braff. He even speaks of his collections on talk shows. These may seem odd choices, but they are very popular people in some circles.

  4. While at Joann's today, I told anyone who would listen about CPSIA. I suggested that they look at Fashion Incubator and Etsy for more information about the law. I know that a couple of months ago, there were lists/links in the Forums to various lawmakers that we could contact. It was very handy to have all that information right there. Perhaps someone could find that list and post it again or post it here so that folks can act right away when they visit our Forums

  5. Someone had mentioned Glenn Beck addressing this issue last month. What if we contacted talk radio hosts like Glenn Beck, Rush or Quinn and Rose? They love to argue about things and they have large listening/viewing audiences.

    I even have a Republican-themed toy bear that could be sent to someone, along with a letter addressing our concerns, so as to draw attention to our cause.

    If it would help, someone could make a "Bear"ack, Democratic bear to send to the White House with a letter. Just a thought...

  6. Another idea...

    Hit congress with letters/emails/phone calls again as the reform legislation moves forward.

  7. Thanks for the great reminder.....