Monday, June 29, 2009

Pretty Blooms

I just finished working on a custom order for one of my agent jane customers.

I'm so excited about this Undercover Mama Bag. I came up with the idea for the blooms on the front of the bag a while back and this was my first opportunity to test out the design. The blooms and stems were hand stitched onto the bag with embroidery thread.

The bag itself is a diaper bag in disguise, which will come in handy for my mama-to-be customer. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Early Nesting

I wasn't expecting to begin nesting just yet. I'm nowhere near my third trimester – the time when most women start to feel an incredible urge to finish projects, clean the house and go crazy organizing everything – but I'm already feeling compelled to bring some old projects to a close.

Case in point: Miss C.'s baby book has been collecting dust in my craft room for almost two years now. I had never been satisfied with any of the ready-made books on the market, so I put one together before she was born.

Thinking I could outsmart myself (I'm a die-hard procrastinator), I bought gender neutral paper and assembled the entire book before the baby arrived. I even took the guesswork out of what would go inside by planning each page and placing the headlines on the pages. All I had to do was assemble a few photos and type up my memories sometime within the first year after she was born.

Yeah. That didn't exactly happen.

With only a few months left before the new baby arrives, I know it's now or never. The photos I ordered last week came in over the weekend and I no longer have any excuses. 

Miss C. is napping, so I snuck in some time to add the photos to the book. Looking at those early pictures makes me wistful and excited... because I know those days will be here again. The Baba will arrive and we'll be doing it all over again.