Thursday, July 23, 2009


My little miss loves to dress up her baby doll. A good portion of our day is spent sorting through outfits, putting on clothes and taking them off so she can give her baby a "bath".

I just finished making a "tee-tee" (Miss C.'s word for t-shirt) for her baby doll. Being the helpful girl that she is, she helped me choose a fabric from my scrap bin. Then, she took out each pin and put it back into the pin box after I cut out each piece. Later, when she was sleeping, I snuck over to my sewing machine to put it together.

I can see a very large wardrobe in this doll's future.

Will she demand her own closet? Maybe. I draw the line at a shoe rack.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teeny Tiny Baby Sling

Miss C. loves anything associated with the new baby. She coos over the tiny clothes, pulls out the baby toys and likes to play with the new cloth diapers and wipes in our stash.

My handmade pouch sling is no exception. She recently found it tucked away in a drawer and couldn't resist trying it on once I showed her what it's used for. She pulls it out at least once a day, and asks to put it on and fill it up with her babies. Then she makes me put it on. Or Daddy. Or Grandma. Or whoever happens to be handy. The baby isn't even here yet and that sling is already working overtime!

After searching through my fabric stash, I found a couple of fabrics that would make the perfect doll-sized pouch sling for my little miss. The outside is a cute little princess print, while the inside is a sparkly star print.

I whipped it out during her nap time using a pattern I had adapted a while back from the pouch sling I made for myself before she was born. I couldn't wait to surprise her with it as soon as she woke up – and she loved it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vintage Comic Books

I've been thinking about a box quite often. Not just any box, but a big one sitting in the back of my daughter's closet. One filled with goodies from my childhood up through high school.

I finally opened the box today.

Inside, I found old prom dresses, cards from my high school graduation (some from people I don't even remember), softball trophies, grammar school yearbooks and the scrapbooks my mom put together for me as a way to preserve my childhood works of art.

Most of it has little to no value to anyone but me. I tossed out the cards and trophies, and set aside a few of the dresses for donation. The most precious items, such as my scrapbooks, have been saved in a much smaller box.

Then my eyes fell on my old comic book collection. Most were purchased with my older brother at a local comic book shop when we were kids living in Southern California. But there are a few vintage comic books that I picked up at a flea market when I was a little girl. And they've been sitting in plastic sleeves in a box ever since.

I was about to add them all to the donation pile, but couldn't help but wonder if they're worth anything. Both the Simple Kate comic and the Bullwinkle comic aren't in top condition, but perhaps there aren't too many of them left out there. My copy of Rocky and His Fiendish Friends in Hollywood is actually in pretty good condition.

A quick search on the internet revealed several online comic book auction houses. I've already sent off one inquiry and plan to send out a few more.

Who knows? Maybe I'll make some money off of something I probably paid $2 for over 20 years ago.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Soft Bums

Cloth Diaper Addicts (CDAs, for short) will tell you it's not just about the diapers. We love the pretty covers, the fun accessories and – of course – those soft cloth wipes.

If you're a CDA like me – one who has some skills at the sewing machine – then cloth diapering your babe is double the fun. Last time around, I sewed all of my daughter's diaper wraps, which I've saved for this baby.

This time, since we decided against paying for a diaper service, I get to make an entire stash of cloth wipes for my little baby's bum. My first shipment of unbleached prefolds arrived on Monday (Thanks, Mom!), which has had me itching to do work on my diaper set-up.

For past few months, I've been eyeballing a stack of flannel receiving blankets that I rarely used when Miss C. was a babe. They were really too small to be useful as blankets... really! But cut up in 8x8 squares... yes, they'll be perfect as wipes!

Of course, I don't really have enough blankets to make all of the wipes I'll need but I do have a ton of flannel in my stash. Most of it is in the form of odd-shaped scraps left over from other projects, but I do have a few long lengths that I haven't found uses for yet. Plus there are those tricky licensed fabrics that I can't use in my shop. As it turns out, I have plenty of fabric to make my wipes. Yes!

After a little late-night research, I discovered that cloth diaper wipes are actually incredibly easy to make. All you need to do is cut your flannel into 8x8 inch squares (I've also made some 4x8 inch rectangles from fabric scraps for smaller wipes). Place two pieces together with the right sides out, then serge around the edges.

If you're like me and don't have a serger, you can use your regular sewing machine. Simply use your overlock setting to stitch around the edges. I went over mine twice with the overlock stitch and didn't have any fraying after a few washes.