Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teeny Tiny Baby Sling

Miss C. loves anything associated with the new baby. She coos over the tiny clothes, pulls out the baby toys and likes to play with the new cloth diapers and wipes in our stash.

My handmade pouch sling is no exception. She recently found it tucked away in a drawer and couldn't resist trying it on once I showed her what it's used for. She pulls it out at least once a day, and asks to put it on and fill it up with her babies. Then she makes me put it on. Or Daddy. Or Grandma. Or whoever happens to be handy. The baby isn't even here yet and that sling is already working overtime!

After searching through my fabric stash, I found a couple of fabrics that would make the perfect doll-sized pouch sling for my little miss. The outside is a cute little princess print, while the inside is a sparkly star print.

I whipped it out during her nap time using a pattern I had adapted a while back from the pouch sling I made for myself before she was born. I couldn't wait to surprise her with it as soon as she woke up – and she loved it!