Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tiny Diapers

Yesterday, I whipped up two sweet little diapers for Miss C.'s baby doll using a pattern I found on the blog, Skip to My Lou, after a quick Google search. I was looking for something that looked easy to whip up and that was designed for a 15" doll.

Turns out, this pattern was a perfect fit. Each flannel diaper (the striped one is lined with a soft yellow minky) took less than 20 minutes to make, start to finish. I couldn't help top-stitching each one, even though the pattern didn't call for it, so I probably would have finished even sooner if I hadn't added a step.

Miss C. was so excited about her Mama-made gift that she spent a good portion of the day dressing and undressing her baby doll, changing diapers, and organizing her diaper bag.

Watching her play mama, I love to tell her that she's a good mama to her baby. She always smiles and says, "No!" Then she bursts into giggles when I pretend to look shocked and say, "No?! Oh, that's too bad!" This, of course, is followed by even more giggles and a request for "More!"


  1. They're adorable...and your little girl sounds like she's getting the hang of that mothering!