Monday, December 28, 2009

Fantastic Fried Eggs - A Felt Food Tutorial

Growing up, I couldn't stand the taste of eggs. My folks made me eat them and I tried to drown out the eggy taste with everything from melted cheese to ketchup – to no avail. Even as an adult, I can't seem to get past my childhood aversion to the egg.

A felt fried egg, however, is something that I can easily love.

I whipped up this delicious looking little egg last night and put the finishing touches on this morning while my daughter ate breakfast. She eagerly watched me stitch it together while she ate her cereal and couldn't wait to take it into her new play kitchen (her favorite Christmas present, courtesy of my parents) as soon as I was finished.

Want to make your own? It's easy:
  1. Draw the egg white and yolk shapes onto a sheet of paper or tissue paper to create your pattern.
  2. Cut out your pattern pieces then place them on your felt.
  3. Cut two egg white pieces from white felt and one yolk piece from yellow felt.
  4. Blanket stitch your yolk onto one of the egg white pieces using yellow embroidery thread. Feel free to add a bit of stuffing underneath your yolk before you finish stitching it in place if you want it to be puffy.
  5. Place the other egg white piece below the piece you just add the yolk to, then blanket stitch together using white embroidery thread.
  6. Done! Time to start cooking!