Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm almost there. Just a few more blocks to go.

So far, I think I have about 55 out of 63 blocks finished. Hopefully, I'll stitch up the last few before we leave for Disneyland on Sunday.

After that... well, there's still a lot to do. I need to lay out the blocks, stitch the top together plan the quilt back and find a long arm service.

Then I can breathe...

Okay, I'm lying. I know I'm just going to get started on something else, like the fitted diapers I'm planning to make for Master W. and completing J.'s cloth wipe stash.

I love the feelings I get when I look at a completed project: satisfaction, pride, eagerness.


Didn't you know that perhaps the best part about finishing a project is that you get to start a new one?

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