Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quilting: An Unexpected Addiction

No one ever told me that quilting is addictive.

A few weeks back, I was looking through my fabric baskets when I was struck with the idea to make a scrap quilt to cover my daughter's bed.

It wasn't long before I was cutting up every single piece of pink fabric I could get my hands on - large and small - into squares and rectangles of varying sizes with the smallest cut to 2x3 inches and the largest cut to 8x8 inches. I even raided her closet and cut up the cute little dresses she wore on her first and second birthdays. She's too big to wear them again anyway, right? Well, that was my excuse...

Standing before a mountain of fabric pieces, I knew I was hooked.

It was time to plan out the quilt. I wanted something more free-form than your traditional quilt, so I decided that each block would be 10x10 inches in size (not counting seam allowances) but there would be no set pattern for piece placement in each block. The quilt itself will be 70x90 inches in size when finished. That's a lot of blocks!

I've spent nearly every free moment these last few days sewing quilt blocks. There's always time for one more block, right? I think I've inadvertently given myself a steam facial with all the time I've spent hunched over the iron these past few nights. And I've really given my sewing machine a workout.

So far, I've fallen in love with every block – they are incredibly adorable. Thank goodness... I was really crossing my fingers that my decision to enter into a cutting free-for-all wouldn't come back to haunt me.


  1. This looks like it's going to be adorable!

  2. I took up quilting just about 15 years ago because I decided I would never pay 1000.00 for a quilt I had seen at a show. I signed up for classes asap, 15 years later it would have been MUCH less money to just buy the quilt. HA HA!