Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying Focused

I'm in love with my quilt project, but for some reason I still sometimes have trouble staying focused. I promised myself that I wouldn't start any new projects until I'd finished with this one.

Tonight I made a small stack of wipes for my sister-in-law's cloth diaper stash.* So much for promises.

But I'm back on my quilt blocks again, so I guess I'm not completely distracted. Here are my latest creations. If you look closely, you can spot Miss C. perched at the edge of my craft table (along with her cup of raisins) in one of the photos, anxiously awaiting her quilt:

*J. is expecting her first wee one in July and I'm making a big stack of soft flannel wipes for her to use when diapering the babe. We can't wait to meet our new baby cousin!

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