Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Baby Shower Gift #4

I discovered a pirate in my mailbox this week.

He had used his sword to shred all of my mail (thankfully, it was all junk) and immediately threatened to make me walk the plank if I didn't immediately hand over any and all doubloons in my possession.

Fortunately, I'm bigger than he is so I simply stuffed him into my pocket and took him back to the house. He's taken a liking to Master W. and is already making plans for the many grand adventures they'll embark on when my little guy is old enough to read a treasure map.

A big thank you to theenchantedcupboard, one of the fabulous Etsians that I was paired with for the Etsy Baby Shower. She is an amazing artist and I'm absolutely thrilled to have been gifted with one of her gorgeous toys. Please stop on by her shop for amazing play sets that will surely send your child's imagination into orbit!