Saturday, March 27, 2010

Das Diaper

I'm a huge Volkswagen fan. I grew up in a family of VW owners; the first car I can ever remember riding in was a VW Bus. My dad and older brother have driven various vintage VWs – including a number of air cooled Beetles, a Karmann Ghia or two and even a Single Cab.

I've carried my love of Volkswagens into my adult life – between my husband and I, we've owned two Jettas, a Rabbit and a New Beetle in the last 10 years.

This week, I was contemplating trying a t-shirt diaper for Master W. when it occurred to me that I might still have an old VW t-shirt lying around in one of my drawers. I dug it out and within an hour or so I had a brand-new fitted pocket diaper for Master W.

All it needs now are a few snaps and a prefold for stuffing before it's ready for a test drive.

Master W. may not be able to drive for another 16 years, but he'll sure looks the part of the avid VW fan in this smart little diaper.