Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Spy Bag

Last week, we took the kids to Disneyland. The kids were really good during the long car ride from Northern California, but I found myself wishing that I'd had better car goodies to keep Miss C. happy and busy during the long haul down I-5.

The kids don't watch TV or movies, so the only things I could come up with at the time were books, crayons and paper, and flash cards.

Then it hit me - while we were on the road, of course – I'd seen some really cool I Spy Bags on Etsy recently. They looked relatively easy to make...

It turns out, I was right. In less than hour, I had whipped up this cute little rice and trinket filled I Spy Bag for Miss C.

Some of the goodies came from the bargain bins at a local party store, while others were things I scavenged from around the house. The fabric – one of my absolute favorites – came out of my scrap bin. And I found the vinyl in the remnant bin for less than a dollar at my local Jo Ann Fabrics yesterday.

Miss C. spent a good portion of the morning looking for all her treasures. Now all I have left to do is laminate the photo of the trinkets and attach it to the loop on the bag to make it road trip ready.