Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss C.!

Today was my little girl's third birthday!

A few weeks ago, we sat down together to decide on a theme. I offered up all kinds of suggestions, from butterflies to Mickey Mouse to Darth Vader (she's loves the guy, and has never seen any of the movies). A thoughtful look passed over her face, then she looked at me and said, "Ladybugs?"

She's got a thing for ladybugs, so I knew it would be perfect. I designed some ladybug-themed invitations and started dreaming of ladybug cupcakes. Many Google clicks later and I found my inspiration.

This week, I mixed up a couple batches of red and black marshmallow fondant – recipe courtesy of a very talented Etsian – then stashed them in the fridge. I cleaned the house. I shopped for supplies. I whipped up a birthday banner. I planned and made lists.

Yesterday came and went in a flurry of baking... chocolate cupcakes and vanilla buttercream frosting from scratch... before building up to the big moment. It was time to cut out my ladybugs.

I gathered my supplies (one rolling pin, one small oval fondant cutter, one plastic drinking straw cut down to 1/2 inch long, one large round fondant cutter and a butter knife) then got to work. An hour or two later I had 15 adorable ladybug cupcakes ready to go.

They were a hit at the party. Best of all? Miss C. loved them.


  1. Loving the bug!!! That is sooo cute.

  2. Wow!! (i literally said that out loud when I saw this post)

    They turned out amazing!!

  3. Thank you!!!! :D They were so much fun to make - and surprisingly easy too!

  4. They are absolutely darling! Great job!

  5. I love ladybugs. Your cupcakes are so adorable.

  6. those cupcakes are AMAZING! How fun!