Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A few months back, my mom came across this awesome vintage juicer when cleaning out her kitchen cabinets. She asked me if I wanted it, and of course I couldn't resist keeping a part of my childhood.

I can still clearly remember stretching up on my tip-toes, trying to pick oranges from the tree in our backyard to make fresh-squeezed orange juice on Saturday mornings. And a few branches from our neighbor's lemon tree hung over our side of the fence, so summer always tasted of homemade lemonade.

Of course, the best part about making homemade orange juice or lemonade was getting to use the juicer. Cut the fruit in half, push it cut-side down onto the reamer and... voila!... instant juice!

Yesterday, Master W. went down for an early nap so Miss C. and I headed outside to pick a few lemons off of our tree. She'd never made juice before, so we dusted off the old Juicit Juicer and made some awesome lemonade! I love how she giggled every time we pressed the lemon on the reamer.

The first taste test revealed that, as I suspected, I needed to add a bit more sugar than the recipe called for since our lemons are freakishly large.

A tall glass and several ice cubes later, we were ready for a taste of summer.

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