Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Figgy Goodness

My best girlfriend, sweetheart that she is, gave me a bag of fresh figs about a month ago. And I, smart girl that I am, pureed and froze them knowing that I wouldn't quite get around to using them right away.

I watched those sweet little gems as they swirled around my food processor and wondered just how in the heck I was going to use them in a recipe.

Then it hit me: fig newtons. What could be better than a homemade version of that chewy cookie bar I grew up adoring?

After a little Googling, I decided on a recipe I found on The Boastful Baker. To be perfectly honest, the photos of the cookies are what sold me... Oh yeah, and the recipe seemed pretty easy too.

Grocery shopping complete and pantry full, I decided on Friday that this was going to be the weekend of the fig newton. I made the cookie dough that afternoon and the filling that night. The cookies came together Saturday night and were, well simply delicious.

It's not just that they're better than store bought. They're different.

Oh, and The Boastful Baker was right... something magical happens to them overnight turning a once delicious cookie bar into something divine.


  1. I am so impressed, M.!

    We got figs last year in our produce delivery that I didn't know what to do with. This year, determined not to waste them, I had some recipes for fig cookies and cake and pizzas, and then ... we didn't get any. The fig newton seemed like it would be hard to do, though. Wish I lived closer so I could pop over for a visit and to help you eat them!

  2. I wish you lived closer too! They were actually easier to make than I thought they would be, but I think it's because I made them in stages - it would have been too much to try to do everything in one day. Processing and freezing them ahead of time took the pressure off as well.

    Fig cake sounds wonderful! I actually saw some in the store the other day... my brain says it was Trader Joe's, but who knows!

  3. These look so good, I love figs.