Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tiny Tinkerbell

I love my shy little girl.

Miss C. opened up her Tinkerbell costume on Christmas morning and was so overwhelmed by her excitement that she quickly shoved it back into the box and turned away in shyness.

I wasn't too worried; just a few moments earlier she had run away and buried her face in the couch when she opened her gift from her buddy Darth Vader. (Believe it or not, he's a pretty thoughtful guy. Somehow he knew just how much she'd like a lightsaber of her own.)

I spent the rest of the morning watching my little Tinkerbell bounce around the house in her pretty green costume, her earlier shyness forgotten in the excitement of Christmas. I love that something I made with my hands can bring such joy to my little girl.

And I love that I can feel such pride in how it turned out. I really stepped outside of my comfort zone on the project, mastering new techniques like the rolled hem feature on my serger and creating an enclosed elastic panel on the belt.

Our trip to Disneyland is just a few short weeks away. First on the agenda is picking up an official pair of Tinkerbell wings. Then we're off to Pixie Hollow so Miss C. can meet Tinkerbell and show off her pretty costume. I'm already excited!


  1. Beautiful! So impressive, how much you're learning and challenging yourself to learn. It's special that C. will have so many things you made by hand.