Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage-Inspired Hair

Have you ever wondered if you were born in the wrong era? I do all the time. I'm an old fashioned girl trapped in a very modern time. I may have a cell phone, but I dearly wish I could wear all of those beautiful '40s and '50s dresses and hairstyles.

My current hairstyle has left me feeling rather uninspired lately and I've been combing blogs and YouTube for tutorials that can help me transform my modern style into a more romantic, vintage style.

My hair styling tool kit consists of a round brush and hair dryer, so I've been waiting for a good deal on a set of rollers. I happened to be visiting Big Lots for the first time last week when I spotted two sets of foam curlers for $1 each. Ten minutes later, I had two dozen curlers and bucket of bubbles in hand (nothing wrong with a little bribery for good behavior in the store, right?). Score!

Today, I spent the first half of my day roaming the house old lady-style with a full set of curlers in place. I felt a little sheepish at first, but thankfully nobody laughed at me (thanks Miss C. and Master W.!). 

A few hours later I had the kids down for a nap and a gorgeous, vintage-inspired updo in place. Many thanks to LisaFremontStreet's fabulous YouTube tutorial.

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  1. Somehow I missed this post! The updo is great! You look lovely.