Tuesday, January 3, 2012

T.N.T. Thursday: Scrap Attack Quilt-Along

I've joined my very first quilt along!

Rachel from Stitched in Color is hosting the super-awesome Scrap Attack Quilt-Along. (Can you tell I'm excited?) Participants choose their own quilt pattern and size, with the only real requirements being that your quilt top is made primarily of scraps and that you finish it by March 2012.

Now this is a quilt-along that I can get behind! Here's why:
  1. I love scraps! I can't throw away even the smallest of fabric bits.
  2. I've recently started a postage stamp quilt, which will make the perfect quilt-along project.
  3. My fabric budget is super tiny. Or practically non-existent. I don't have extra cash to buy my dream fabric for one of the many other quilt-alongs that I've drooled over. This is definitely budget friendly!
  4. I love scraps!! Oh yeah, I mentioned that one already. This one is different, though. You see how I put an extra exclamation point on this one? That makes all the difference, you know.
If you love scraps, or just want to get rid of yours, I encourage you to check out the Scrap Attack Quilt-Along over at Stitched in Color. It looks to be a lot of fun!

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  1. Ya for joining your first quilt-a-long. I just love those!! Good Luck keeping up :) And thanks for linking up to TNT :)

  2. You're so excited you make me excited for you! I hope you have a super great time!

  3. Thanks, Melissa! I think I'll need it! Hahaha. :)

  4. Pat, you are so sweet! I'm sure I'm going to have a blast! :)