Friday, February 17, 2012

It's all gone.

Well, almost.

Today I donated over 95% of my fabric stash to Goodwill.

Don't be sad, though. I didn't love or even like any of it. Truth be told, I really have no idea why I've been holding onto this massive hoard of fabric.

I was tired of the "maybe somedays". "Maybe I'll use this fabric so-and-so gave me to make a donation quilt." The heavy guilt was beginning to weigh on me. I'm always grateful for the gifts I receive, but so much of this fabric was not to my taste and I was tired of trying to find a use for it. And then there's the odd compulsion to collect - I couldn't let go of even the smallest scraps. It made me frustrated and at times paralyzed my creativity.

There was something so liberating about letting it all go. I kept a few of my favorites and the best scraps have already been cut up for my postage stamp quilt, but really there isn't much left.

I feel so much better now.

So tell me, how does your stash make you feel? Is it full of designer lovelies that make you smile when you see them? Are your fuglies bringing you down? Do you ever feel the guilt?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aquas Finished!

Another 37 blocks completed and I'm on to the pinks. I really enjoyed sewing up all of these pretty aqua and teal blocks. I think they'll be a lovely addition to the quilt.

Here's a sneak peek at the first pink block. I have so many lovely pink fabrics to use. These blocks are going to be lovely!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fugly Fabric Party

Thanks for stopping by! All of my fuglies have been spoken for. Be sure to check out the rest of the fuglies over at Charm About You

I probably have more than my share of fugly fabric. Most of it was given to me by kind souls who know I like to sew... but maybe don't have the same taste in fabric as me. I've been trying to use it up or give it away, but I think it's been breeding because there always seems to be more hiding in a bin, a bag or underneath a project.
Thank goodness for the lovely Lucy over at Charm About You. She's hosting the Fugly Fabric Party and I simply couldn't resist the opportunity to give away some of my fuglies.

I've got two fugly fabric bundles up for grabs. I would love to swap for some of your scraps or something that you're not using in your stash. I'm working on a postage stamp quilt and would love a sandwich bag of some smallish scraps (they must be at least 1.5" square to work with my project) in the following colors: yellow, orange and red. You can check out my posts on the blues and corals I've worked on... or even see my ginormous pile of tiny squares for inspiration. 

So, now to the good stuff. The first bundle is made up of designer prints and while I think they're nice... they're just not me. Here's what's inside (clockwise, starting at the left):
  • Ritzy Stripe in Sky by Amy Butler (there are two pieces approx. 15 x 27" and 10 x 15") - this is more of a decorator fabric weight
  • Prairie Gothic Dusty by Jane Sassaman for Free Spirit (approx. 14 x 29")
  • Olive Rose in Bright Blue by Valorie Wells (approx. 17 x 29")
  • Knot Garden in Gray by Amy Butler (approx. 11 x 27") - another decorator weight
The second bundle is far more fugly. Not everything is designer (as far as I can tell), but you'll get a lot more yardage. I keep telling myself I'll use them for donation quilts (I'm not really into the browns or blacks), but honestly I still have a ton of fugly stuff to work with in my stash so I'm not sure I'll ever get to them. I'm fairly certain all have been pre-washed. Here's what's inside (starting at the top and working down):
  • Bloomsbury Square by Fabri-Quilt, Inc. (approx. 26 x 43")
  • Tulip Nouveau #2874 by Ro Gregg (two pieces that are approx. 9 x 36")
  • No name on the selvedge (approx. 2 yards)
  • Shangri-La by 3 Sisters for Moda (approx. 2 yards)
  • No name on selvedge (a little less than 2 yards)
Shipping internationally is likely going to cost me too much, so I'm going to keep this U.S. only. Leave a comment if you're interested in a swap. In your comment, let me know which bundle you'd like and please include a link to a photo of your scraps or other fabric goodies that you'd like to swap. I'll keep this open until both bundles are gone.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Twenty-one blocks stitched and stacked...

And the corals (a.k.a. peachy pinks) are done! Woot!

I'll be moving on to the aquas/teals next. I'm still not entirely certain that I'm going get the top finished in time for the party in March. Even if I don't finish in time, taking part in the Scrap Attack Quilt-Along has really kept me moving through these blocks!

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