Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Quilts: Let the Countdown Begin

My oldest brother and my youngest brother are getting married a week apart in October. (Apparently we like to do weddings in pairs in my family since my middle brother got married just a month or so before I did.)

I've been thinking about making each couple a lap-size wedding quilt for a few months now – something they could snuggle under on the couch to watch movies or just hang out. I'd been putting it off, though, out of nervousness since I had no idea how they'd react. Would they even want a quilt?

I finally worked up the nerve to ask my oldest brother and his fiancee a few weeks ago and to my great relief they said yes! They both have very specific, very modern taste, so I wanted to get a lot of input from them. I knew their quilt would consist of clean lines and modern prints but was reluctant to simply surprise them with something since there was a good chance it might not fit their taste.

After sending them an email with a bunch of links for inspiration and some back and forth emails, they came up with what they wanted: a whole cloth quilt. They chose two gorgeous fabrics:
Assembling this quilt will be a snap. The challenge is going to be in the quilting. One of the links I had sent them for inspiration was for this gorgeous quilt made by Krista at Spotted Stones. They loved the the sense of movement and the modern feel that the long arm quilter (who is clearly awesomely talented!) imparted in this quilt and have asked me to do something similar for theirs. It's going to be a fun challenge, and I've already asked the wonderful Rachel at Stitched in Color for a little advice before I get started. Thanks, Rachel!

So far, I've only ordered the Mod Basics print as it was a bit pricey and I need to wait a few weeks before ordering the rest. It arrived yesterday from Del Ray Fabrics (super-speedy service there, by the way). Isn't it lovely? And just look at the sweet way they wrapped it up for me!

Now the countdown has officially begun. I have yet to approach my youngest brother, mainly because I want to finish this one first so that I ensure that I can actually deliver on my promise before October rolls around. They'll still get a quilt, though... I'm just crossing my fingers that it will be finished in time for their wedding!


  1. Oh fabulous idea and fabulous fabric too...Looking forward to this one. And well done for getting the nerve in asking.

    1. Thank you, Erin! Asking was a little nerve racking, but I'm so glad I did! Don't they have great taste? I can't wait to see how it turns out, too. I have a feeling it's going to be incredible.

  2. What a lovely idea! Loving the fabric choice, so fresh and bright! I'll be looking out for progress posts =D

    1. Thanks, Cherie! I really do love their choice in fabrics. The photos you see online in fabric shops really don't do the Mod Basics print justice. It's such a gorgeous green. I'm hoping to get started on it by mid-June, after finishing my sister-in-law's baby quilt. :)