Monday, June 25, 2012

Cozy up: 'The Mushroom Center Disaster'

We spend a lot of time at the library, so I don't often feel the need to actually purchase books for my kids. Well, to be honest, by saying "a lot of time" I really mean that we make a trip there every week. And it's not a leisurely one by any stretch.

Here's a look at an average library trip for us: Miss C. and I spend the entire time speed reading the spines (she can't read yet but knows where to find her favorite authors) as we comb through the children's stacks. Then we stuff as many books as we can into our bag before Master W. runs off... or starts shouting... or finds some other way to cause the library staff to look our way with disapproval. 

Please tell me I'm not the only mother this happens to. Everybody else's toddlers always look so well behaved when we're there, while my little guy can barely sit in the stacks long enough for us to chose a single book.

The library may not be stress-free, but it is wonderful. I have found, though, that when it comes to sharing my favorite childhood books with my children, a library copy just won't do. I must have a copy for our own little home library.

Case in point: 'The Mushroom Center Disaster' by N.M. Bodecker. I have very fond memories of my own mother reading this charming story about Beetle and the other residents of Mushroom Center.
This small community of insects must gather their wits and rally together after disaster strikes one night when a group of careless humans toss their picnic trash to the ground. The smelly mess lands right on top of Mushroom Center, wreaking havoc on the tiny insect village.
Beetle and his friends come up with some very creative solutions, though I won't spoil it for you. The pen and ink drawings by illustrator Erik Blegvad are exquisite and really add to the charm of this lovely little story.

I hope you get a chance to get your hands on a copy of this wonderful book someday. I promise you'll love it!


  1. Oh Michelle! What a treasure- I want to find it right away :) It looks absolutely delightful!

    Honestly I go to the library every week but I RARELY to never take all of my children along. Is that wrong of me? To go spend time in the children's section of the library as a lone and solitary adult woman? I do often take one of them along- usually that I can handle. But my favorite trips to the library are those taken alone. Then I feel all refreshed and ready to be a good little mama again.

    1. Robyn, I bought my copy on Amazon and I know they have a few copies left right now. It really is such a great story!

      You're so lucky to get to go by yourself! My kids looove going to the library, so there's no way I'd be able to get away with going without my daughter at least. Sometimes we can slip out together during nap time on Saturdays when my husband is home. But that's really the only time we can do it... and those times are few and far between!

      It's funny, we didn't go at all when Miss C. was this age... it took several years for her to be "library ready" too. She had a shriek that was indescribably ear-piercing and seemed to delight in cutting loose with it just about everywhere. Now that she's older, it's sooo much easier. Just a few weeks ago she started whispering in the library on her own without needing me to remind her. It was awesome! :)

  2. This sounds lovely! I'll have to look for it on our next trip to the library! If it makes you feel better, we do a weekly trip to the library and have started scheduling it for a day that my husband has off from work. The first time I attempted to take the kids (four and just-shy-of-two), we were not-very-politely asked to leave. Not kidding. It was mortifying, and I was especially peeved because there were AT LEAST three small children wailing like sirens in the adult part of the library and no one said a thing to them. Just us. As we were standing a few mere feet from the children's section. And they honestly weren't even being loud. The little child was singing (very quietly, honest). Anyway. You're not alone in speeding through before mayhem strikes. ;)

    1. Oh Kiza, I have been waiting for that to happen to me! I can't believe the library staff hasn't kicked us out yet. It really is so embarrassing - fortunately, I can laugh about it all when I'm not there. If I couldn't laugh about it, I'd probably go nuts! ;)

      I mentioned this in my response to Robyn, but I've tried making library trips on Saturdays when my hubby is home to watch my son. I wish we could do it every week like that, but sometimes we are just too busy on Saturdays to squeeze in a library trip. So I just say a little prayer and hope for the best when we go a few days later! LOL

      Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. Love the remodel-- cool new direction/ merge/ change up!
    Umm, I expect you have read PP&PB enough to guess what our library trips look like-- capital S Scary! And, there have been times when we've gone twice in a week (since I'm super organized and all). Oh, and the library seems to be THE place for poopy diapers. Seriously. Every. Time.

    I love reading childhood favorites to my kids too-- we've been searching for one I thought my mom still had, but can't find it (A is for Annabelle, a dolls alphabet by Tasha Tudor)-- might be time for ebay or amazon.

    1. I'm glad you like the changes, Whitney! :)

      It's always nice to hear that I'm not the only one whose children go bonkers at the library! LOL Poopy diapers at the library - aaargh! Well, I suppose a little one can feel mighty relaxed around all those books. Hahaha!

      I spotted your book on Etsy, in a set of three by Tasha Tudor. Here's where you can find it: If you only want the one, maybe she'd split up the listing for you?