Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cross another one off the list.

Every year the Kindergartners at Miss C.'s school are the angels in the Christmas pageant. A few weeks ago, her teacher put out a call for more angel costumes, as they're short a few for our little angels to wear.

There must be something about the third trimester that makes a pregnant woman lose her mind, because I volunteered to make a costume for Miss C. Sure, I had a spare white sheet laying around... but did I really have the time with only a few weeks left before the baby arrives?

I guess I did.
It's not fancy, and I needed my mom's help with hem placement and pattern adjustment... but it's finished! Miss C.'s teacher thought she had a pattern for us to use, but as it turns out it's an adult-sized pattern. Who knows how much extra work the last costume maker had to put in to adjust that thing down to pint size. I picked up a child-sized pattern for a dollar at JoAnn's and gave it to her teacher to keep for the future.

Of course, in my rush to get it to the school before the baby arrives (less is more when carrying a newborn and corralling a crazy toddler at school), I forgot to take a photo at home. So, I slipped my camera in my purse on the way out the door and took a quick photo in the car just before school started. Classy, right?

Here's a look at my adjusted (yet again) 100 Day Hustle list:
  1. Finish my brother's wedding quilt Done!
  2. Halloween costumes for the kids (Peter Pan for Miss C. and maybe Lightning McQueen for Master W.) Done!
  3. Christmas stocking for the baby - In progress
  4. Christmas gift for Miss C.'s teacher Done!
  5. Finish the remaining green blocks for my postage stamp quilt Done!
  6. Angel costume for Miss C.'s school Christmas pageant Done!
  7. Gift for Miss C.'s sixth grade buddy Done!
  8. Covered journals for Christmas gifts for ill friend's children Done! Post to come soon.


  1. Wow congratulations on nearly completing the list! You really got your hustle on there girl!!

    1. Thanks, Cherie! There's nothing like third trimester pregnancy hormones to get a girl moving! LOL

  2. You rock Michelle! Oh, I bet Miss C's Christmas Pageant is going to be priceless.

    1. Mostly, I think I'm just crazy. It really is the hormones! LOL

      I'm definitely looking forward to the pageant. She went to a little Presbyterian preschool last year and was an angel in their school pageant. It was so cute! I'm guessing this one will be even better with the bigger kids participating too.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy! I'll be sure to check it out. :)