Friday, February 8, 2013

Scrap-buster kids art tote

One of the perks of being a mama who sews is that I sometimes get to make birthday gifts for my daughter's friends. This weekend, one of Miss C.'s best girlfriends is celebrating her sixth birthday with a pet shop-themed party. All the kids attending the party will get to adopt a stuffed animal pet. Seriously, doesn't that sound like an awesome birthday party?

The birthday girl is a budding artist, so I whipped up a little travel art case using scraps I had on hand (bonus!). Throw in a drawing pad, colored pencils, pretty pencils and erasers and – poof! – she's all set to draw on the go. 

My case was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest. I couldn't believe my luck when the birthday girl's mama told me that she likes to draw because I just seen the pin in my feed that morning. I rushed back to my computer to check out the tutorial for that adorable little art tote and... well... it's written in French! 

I'm sure I could have figured out what she did just by looking at the diagrams and converting centimeters to inches but I'm lazy. Or is that crazy? Because coming up with your own pattern doesn't take more time, right?

Oh, well! Miss C. and I love how it turned out and we hope the birthday girl loves it just as much. Now I think I'm going to need to make one for Miss C. too. 


  1. Hi Michelle. Great job on the little tote. And kids just love these.I love the way you made yours and the colors that you used. We use to make these to sell at craft shows. We added crayons and markers to ours and we usually sold out. So I know the Birthday Girl will love this.
    Hope you and your family are doing great I bet the baby is growing fast. Take care.

    1. Hi Joyce! I'm so glad you like how it turned out. I used to make little crayon wallets to sell on Etsy, and they were basically a tiny version of this tote. Like the totes you made for craft shows, they were always my best selling items.

      Life is crazy here, but very good. Every day I find myself amazed by how much my sweeties are growing and changing. I hope all is well with you! xoxo

  2. What a fantastic gift! Michelle, you are an inspiration! I love it and I'm certain the birthday girl did too. :)

    1. I'm glad you like it!! Miss S. squealed with delight when she opened it up at her party today. I'm so glad she loved it! :)