Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Miss C.!

My little sweetie turned six years old this week. We celebrated with a little family party on her actual birthday (hooray for summer birthdays!) – just us and all four of her grandparents – and it was just perfect.

I love that we could savor each moment, and really soak up Miss C.'s excitement about her special day.

Miss C. requested a butterfly theme with pink cupcakes. I always enjoy making birthday cakes, and these little gems were no exception. I found a buttermilk cake recipe (I love cakes made with buttermilk) and piped the homemade butter cream frosting on with a Ziplock bag. No fancy pastry bags needed!

And her big birthday wish was a pair of roller skates. Watching her learning to skate reminds me so much of my own girlhood. I had my own roller skates too. They were white with orange laces and wheels... to match the awesome Garfield the Cat patch on the side. Really, does it get any more '80s than that? 

I'm so proud of the girl she is growing into. She's kind. Loving. Considerate. Funny. Joyful. Smart. 

And she's confident. 

I'm in love with the birthday outfit she chose: purple floral shirt, red plaid skirt and pink sandals (the beautiful apron is a birthday gift made for Miss C. by my mom). Her self-confidence really shines through with this outfit, and I love that she doesn't have a shred of doubt about herself. 

Oh, and check out the birthday button she asked me to make the night before her big day... because what if someone didn't know she was six?


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss C!!! Six is a fabulous age to be! And look at how long and beautiful her hair is! How do kids grow so fast? It's astonishing. :) I love her outfit and I love the simplicity of having a birthday party filled with loving grandparents. Absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad she had a great day. (oh, and those cupcakes look divine! and the button... genius!)

    1. The button was her idea - smart girl! All I did was cut some fabric circles using my pinking shears, then tacked then together with a tiny button. I attached the felt "6" with hot glue then put a safety pin on the back so she could wear it. Easy peasy.

      I think what I love most about her outfit is that every piece clashes yet she makes it all work together because she is so self confident. There aren't going to be too many more years before she starts to look at herself with the critical eye of a pre-teen or all-out teenager. I'm definitely doing my best to enjoy her self confidence now.

  2. wow, this is all beyond fabulous...her outfit, her hair, her skates, your CUPCAKES, that birthday button. Love it! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I'm telling you, the cupcakes were EASY! Just fill a Ziplock bag with frosting, cut off one corner and pipe it on the cupcakes. Done!

      I love watching her learn how to skate. It's amazing how quickly she's gone from baby to toddler to little girl to big girl. xoxo