Saturday, August 17, 2013

Braving the browns.

I've got a problem.

There's a little bag of brown scraps sitting in my sewing cupboard, that's been begging to be made into something. Anything. 

Actually it's not such a little bag, which makes it a big problem. I think they've been multiplying at night, because what started out as just a few scraps has somehow grown to a bursting ziplock bag of menacing muddiness. 

And I don't even buy brown fabrics. Ever! So I really can't explain where they're coming from.

I finally pulled the bag out this week with new determination. But then all of my old doubts crept forward...

I can't ever find colors that coordinate with brown!

Doesn't brown make everything look out of date?

What if I hate it?

I almost put it back. But then I saw something... a little strip of brown with colorful raindrops. Hmmm...

Maybe I can do this brown thing after all.


  1. Not a smidge dated. But then, I like brown. Reminds me of natural wood - a thing of warm beauty.

    1. Thank you, Rachel. It's funny, I love seeing other people's quilts that feature brown but I've never felt confident enough to pull off sewing with it myself. I like the way you describe it, and can see why you'd enjoy working with it. Perhaps I'll feel that way too someday.

  2. Well I flat out LOVE that!! I'd pick it in the store next to 'not brown ones' :) Also lilac needs a zippered pencil case for school this year and that little bag above totally makes me wish I'd sewed her one....not sure about zippers, and lining things...and a lot of other stuff that suggests if I'm gonna try next year I should get to work on it now :)

    1. Whit, you could TOTALLY make this! Sewing with zippers isn't as bad as you think. Let me know if you want some links and I'll send you some tutorials. I'm so glad you like how this one turned out!! xoxo

  3. Love the bag, Michelle! Totally awesome!