Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Happy Lunch Box Blog Hop

It's nearly the end of August so it's time to raise my geek flag and proclaim with a mighty yell...

School lunches ROCK!


You don't love making school lunches too? You don't spend your evenings mentally going through the fridge, planning out tomorrow's lunch? 

Um, maybe that's just me. 

Ahem. Okay, moving on.

Maybe a school lunch blog hop will help bring you to the dark side? Or at least take some of the daily torture out of the lunch-making process. Baby steps, right?

Enter the Happy Happy Lunch Box Blog Hop. I've lined up three of my best bloggy buddies for a week of dishing out our favorite tips and tricks for making your very own Happy Happy Lunch Box.
Want to follow along? Here's who'll be hosting lunch each day:

Tuesday, Aug. 20 – Michelle at needle and nest (That's me! Come back tomorrow for tips on packing for the picky eater.)
Wednesday, Aug. 21 – Melissa at Julia's Bookbag

Seriously you guys, Melissa, Danzel and Whitney are awesome. Not only did they agree to join in on this hair-brained lunch blog hop scheme I cooked up, but they each host AMAZING blogs! I hope you take a moment to check them out – I promise you'll love them too!