Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ethereal: A Mosaic Contest

Rachel at Stitched in Color is hosting another mosaic contest with Lark Cottons, this time with the theme of "Ethereal".

I love pastels and Lark Cottons has an amazing selection to choose from, so I had a lot of fun searching for the perfect fabrics for my collection last night. The entire collection was inspired by that cloud print. I love how it came together.

There's still time for you to add your own mosaic to the contest. Hop on over to Stitched in Color for more inspiration.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I almost chickened out.

This little skirt is the birthday gift that almost wasn't.

Those chickens... the eggy polka dots... the sweet little underskirt. Adorable, right?

Well those chickens almost didn't make it any further than the UFO pile.

Let me tell you a little story...

Miss C. was invited to a school friend's birthday party a few weeks back. I knew I wanted to make a skirt for the birthday girl, so I started hunting through my stash for something cute and girly. I had almost settled on a striped aqua print when I noticed these cute chickens peeking out of a pile of studio scraps that I'd purchased from JAQS Fabrics not too long ago. Amazingly, there was a full half yard cut in there. Score!

Remembering that the birthday girl's family owns chickens, I gave myself a hearty pat on the back for my genius fabric find and started sewing. The kids, of course, were asleep for the night so I didn't consult with Miss C. on my fabric choice like I usually do.

By the end of the evening I had the skirt sewn, raw edges serged and the casing ready for the elastic. All I needed to do was show Miss C., measure the elastic against her waist and check the sizing on her once the elastic was inserted.

What could possibly go wrong?

Here's how our conversation went the next morning:

Me: "Morning, C.! I made a skirt for A.'s birthday last night, check it out."
C: "It's very pretty, Mommy!"
Me: "Thanks! Do you remember that A.'s family has chickens at their house? I thought she might like the chickens on this fabric since she loves her chickens."
C: "Oh... that's good, Mommy... because their dog ate all the chickens."
Me: "WHAAAAAAAA????? The dog killed the chickens???? This is bad! I can't give her a chicken skirt!"
C: "Don't worry, Mommy. It's a good thing. Really!"

The party was this past Saturday. Of course, the million dollar question is, "Did you give her the skirt?"

Yep! I debated it in my head all the way to school, even planned out some alternate fabric choices. The birthday girl's mother wasn't at drop-off, but I confessed shared the story with another mother and she assured me that the family was going to be getting more chickens in the future after some thorough dog-proofing of the coop.

Whew! Crisis averted. 

Oh, and the birthday girl (and her mother) loved the skirt.