Monday, August 18, 2014

Pattern testing: Rae skirt

It's been many, many years since I've sewn an article of clothing for myself... since freshman year of high school to be exact. My mom and I wrestled a beastly teal knit into a long-sleeved princess-seamed dress. It was all very '90s, let me assure you. And no, there is no photographic evidence of said dress. 

Thank. Goodness.

I do not look back on that dress with any fondness, but every once in a while I get the urge to sew a dress or a skirt for myself. I have this fantasy wherein a design a gorgeous vintage-style dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt. You know, for everyday wear. It would be just perfect for a trip down the hall to change diapers, right?

Usually good sense ("Those women's patterns in JoAnn's are awful!" or "I hate fancy fabrics!") or budgetary constraints prevail, and I'm back to my scrappy quilts and bags and zippy pouches. A dress can be many yards of fabric... and fabric is expensive (read: I'm too thrifty to spend that kind of money on myself).

Recently, though, I had the opportunity to test the (now released) Rae skirt for Sewaholic Patterns. I've been following the Sewaholic blog for years now, and have been on the pattern testing list for quite some time but never saw the right pattern testing opportunity come up until just a few months back when Tasia put out a call for ladies who wanted to test out a beginner's skirt pattern.

I emailed her back right away with all of my info (size, sewing experience, etc.) and waited eagerly to see if I'd be one of the lucky few to be chosen. Of course, then reality set in and I realized that I'd just volunteered to test a skirt pattern designed for pear-shaped women. And I'm not pear-shaped. At all. Somehow or another, in my excitement I'd completely forgotten that all Sewaholic patterns are designed for pear-shaped ladies.


I was excited, yet a little scared when I discovered that I'd been chosen as a pattern tester. Would it look terrible on me? Was I about to waste money on fabric only to make something that would look terrible on my figure?

I hauled myself out to JoAnn's, busted out my coupons and chose this pretty floral print from the apparel section. I'm not sure what it is... maybe some sort of faux-linen? It drapes well and is quite breathable, so I like it. Whatever it is.
I ended up sewing View C, which is a fuller, longer version of the skirt. The waistband is a simple elastic casing and the entire skirt only used two pattern pieces. The skirt came together in a couple of evenings (this would probably take less time to more experienced garment-sewists) and I have to admit that I was completely wrong to be afraid.

I love it! It may have been designed with pear-shaped ladies in mind, but I'm a little bit more straight-up-and-down and it works just fine on my shape. I really, really love it and can't wait to make another... when I can convince myself to splurge on fabric again. Maybe something for fall!


  1. You have done a great job, bright and cheerful and definitely a hallway sashaying skirt if ever I saw one. I hear you on how much fabric that is needed for such garments, they are fabric guzzlers! I don't tend to sew for myself and not because I don't want to, I often end up so disappointed with how the finished garment looks on my body even though I have supposedly measured myself correctly. At least with sewing for small children, there is less likelihood of ill-fitting clothing happening.

    1. That is sooooo true, and has certainly been one of the reasons why I've hesitated yo sew for myself for all these years. My vision for how a garment should look doesn't always match up with the results... Thank goodness children's clothes are so forgiving!