Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The squirrelly skirt

Miss C. loves squirrels. Her love for squirrels knows no bounds.

Let me count the ways:
  1. In our house, we don't call our furry friends "squirrels". It's pronounced, "Skaaaaaa-wuuuurllee!"
  2. She has five little stuffed animal squirrels that she sleeps with every night. 
  3. She has a squirrel calendar. She often flips through the pictures on said calendar to see which squirrelly is her favorite.
  4. We've set up a miniature blue adirondack chair in our front yard for the neighborhood squirrels to recline on whilst dining on their corn cake (which we happily restock whenever they've polished one off).
  5. We often discuss the time that the smallest of our squirrel visitors came right up to the window during lunch one day this summer and watched us for a minute or two from the windowsill. We were all riveted!
  6. We own a Lego Friends squirrel set.
  7. Miss C.'s great-grandmother heard about her love for squirrels and sent her the coolest-ever squirrel pen.
  8. We've set up an entire wall of squirrel art above her bed.
  9. Squirrels appear in most every picture she draws.
  10. Miss C.'s summer sewing project was to make a skirt, only it wasn't going to be any old skirt. She made a squirrelly skirt!

Whew! If you got all the way to #10, you'll see that we've reached the apex of our love for squirrels since our furry friends have made their way into the sewing room!

Last summer's sewing project was a pillowcase. This year, with a little help from me (serging, making the casing and pinning the hem), Miss C. sewed up the most adorable skirt I've ever seen. We spent quite a bit of time selecting the perfect squirrel fabric at JoAnn's, but after that she set to work and we had it finished in a couple of nap time sewing sessions.

We didn't use a pattern for this skirt, though I used the same method that was employed on the chicken skirt. Basically, sew up a tube of fabric for your top layer and a longer tube for the bottom layer. Then baste the two layers together, create a casing and finish your hems. Easy peasy!

I just love that she picked squirrels for her skirt. She found the perfect way to put her own personal stamp on this project. Smart girl!


  1. Awesome! This list of how she loves squirrels is both adorable and such a great keepsake. Last week a squirrel climbed up my kitchen window screen, taking me by surprise. I guess she should have been there =)

    1. She would have loved that! She was so excited when that little squirrel sat at our window that day. After he left she said, "He came to the window to see me! He knew I would be there and he came to see me!" :)