Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It was a zippy kind of Christmas

This year's handmade Christmas gifts were all zippered pouches, each one scrappy with a linen background. I love everything about making them, from choosing just the right prints from my scraps to putting them together assembly line style. They're just super fun.
From the top, going row-by-row with front and back photos:

  • A cute little patchwork pouch for my brother-in-law's super-sweet girlfriend. I haven't known M. long, but I took a guess at the kinds of colors she might like and she seemed quite happy with the end result.
  • A pretty alphabet print pouch for Miss C.'s teacher. I love the gray and teal combo on this one. There's a little Summersville in there, as well as some Denyse Schmidt for JoAnn's that I scored late 2013 on clearance.
  • A scrappy block pouch, leftover from my Love quilt. This one was for Master W.'s teacher, whom I know has dogs. See those tiny doggies in the block? I hope she did too! And, um, excuse the lack of a photo of the back of the pouch. I just forgot to take one, I guess... oops! Oh well, how about a photo of the pretty insides instead?

Now I'm itching to make one for myself!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The kindness quilt

Ahem...  Wow. I didn't realize I'd been so neglectful of this space for so darned long. Oops!

Well then, let's get started!

Back in September, Miss C. was assigned a Kindness Project, wherein each student explored the topic of kindness and then gave a short presentation on what they learned at the beginning of December.

The children were given a lot of freedom in the project. Some chose to interview a firefighter, others did a puppet show, and others volunteered their time at an animal shelter. Miss C. decided to make a baby quilt to donate to a mother in need. We have a wonderful maternity home for women experiencing crisis pregnancies in the local area. After a quick phone call and teacher approval on the idea, she got started.

I am so over-the-moon impressed with my girl. She did nearly every single task associated with the making of this beautiful quilt. She chose the fabrics from my cupboards, arranged the pieces (sorry, no rotary cutting yet for this 7-year-old!), sewed all the pieces for the top and back, pressed every seam, assisted in pin-basting the quilt sandwich, and did about 1/3 of the machine quilting. I did the binding, as it was a bit beyond the scope of her skills.

And then, when all was said and done – and she'd presented the finish quilt to her class – we drove up to the Mother Teresa Maternity Home and she personally delivered it to the beautiful baby girl and her sweet mama. She just radiated joy and tenderness when she was allowed to hold that sweet little newborn baby.

I'm amazed by how much of her personal time she devoted to this gift for a baby and mother that she'd never met. Delivering the gift in person really cemented the concept of kindness, and why it's so important to give of ourselves to those in need.

I wish I had a bigger picture of the finished quilt! Hopefully this little glimpse of it shows just how bright, cheerful and beautiful it came out.